MarkusWandel 44 days ago [-]
There are other Arduino powerered battery testers, but this one is mine. I took some trouble with the documentation.
adamfeldman 43 days ago [-]
This is awesome, I appreciate the docs!

I switched to NiMH a few years ago and am so happy about the reduced waste.

zelon88 44 days ago [-]
This is really, really cool. I might actually build one, but for SubC cells. I just bought a new 7c 5000mah NiMH pack yesterday for my Tamiya High Lift crawler because my old 5000mah is starting to go. I got about 3,000mah out of my last run according to my charger.

But my charger has no discharge function, and if charging takes over 90m I must write down the MAH and restart the charger to start from 0. It can be frustrating. Your device would be very useful for me.

watchdogtimer 43 days ago [-]
Nice work. How does this method of evaluating batteries compare to measuring a battery's resistance as found on some chargers?
MarkusWandel 43 days ago [-]

Resources left on the board are: One Arduino I/O pin (the TX one), one unused relay. That could be used for one of the six channels to decrease the load resistance slightly by splicing in a parallel load resistor. By measuring the voltage drop from momentarily increasing the load, the ESR could be computed, at least roughly, for that one battery position.