anotheryou 45 days ago [-]
Contraption Collection (41.4K): guy engineering balisong/butterfly scissors.

David Bennett Piano (356K). Music theory (or selected phenomena ofi t at lesat) with examples.

DarkAero, Inc (29.7K): Three brothers inventing an airplane. Carbon fiber, planned to sell as a kit so it all has to become production ready.

saVRee (74.4K). More engineering explained in detail. Sadly very very slow, speed up the vids :).


Cheating a bit (know them for longer, but they have to be underhyped despite their size):

Subject Zero Science (193K): super well produced bleeding edge science explained.

The Thought Emporium (746K): Bio hacking and DNA editing.

dimator 45 days ago [-]
Graham Hutton is a haskell expert and teacher, and he is uploading a full course load of haskell lectures:

I believe these also correspond with an actual course, although I can't find a link.

th1x0 45 days ago [-]
He's at Nottingham University and the course is here:

His home page, with links to the second year course etc.:

miguendes 45 days ago [-]
Nice! I'm planning on learning haskell to learn more about FP and this might be useful. I wish problems sets were released as well. But having the lectures is already a great stuff. I can always fallback to for practice.
Tomte 45 days ago [-]
I've binge-watched Technology Connections:
riskable 45 days ago [-]
Well if you're just bored and want to see something neat I made a video the other day about how I added an infrared receiver to my 3D printed keyboard (with 3D printed magnetic separation switches and 3D printed stabilizers). I also go over how I wrote a bit of the (Rust) firmware for it:

Eventually I'll probably share the whole kit & kaboodle with Hacker News. Have to make a proper writeup though (because people are impatient and won't sit through dozens of videos to get the whole story from the beginning haha)

tony 45 days ago [-]
Thank you for these resources. History documentaries:

- Montemayor:

- The Operations Room:

They take the time to make quality videos (even if it takes week or even months) as opposed to others that rapid fire publish videos.

Some channels I'd previously recommend had quality drop. Rather than investing in a topic they got a spammy feel to them.

jaidan 44 days ago [-]
The Post Apocalyptic Inventor (No it's not that prepper!)

This German gentleman rescues broken stuff from the scrap yard and repairs it. On this video [0] he upgrades a basic welder to increase the duty cycle. I specifically like the way he describes his upgrades using diagrams and basic explanations. Link to his channel at [1].

[0] Welder Video --or--

[1] Channel --or--

j4yav 45 days ago [-]
Tasting History is great, amiable guy who posts videos of cooking ancient and very old recipes, and talks about the history of each.
zbuf 44 days ago [-]
Ratarossa: this guy is rescuing and maintaining Ferrari cars in his tiny home garage:

abridgett 45 days ago [-]
Atomic Frontier: superbly made science videos, I think I've learnt something in every video (62k):

Xyla Foxlin: creative, very enthusiastic crafter, canoe building was fabulous (67k):

The Tim Traveller: quirkly little places, fabulous humour (190k):

AtlasBarfed 45 days ago [-]
A lot of what I see on youtube with a small kid isn't necessarily about the "good" stuff I've found, but highlights formats that would vastly benefit from better production.

There's a LOT of "play with X, do activity Y, do this cool thing Z" videos that my kiddo loves to watch while also playing, but could be taken to the next level EASILY.

The fact that PBS and mainstream kids networks don't do things like this, or a more professional production network, is strange to me.

Likely professional production is poison pilled by preassumptions of previous programming paradigms, or the sponsorship fundamentally ruins it.

45 days ago [-]
jaredandrews 45 days ago [-]
This guy building computers on breadboards:
jaytaylor 44 days ago [-]
FunctionalTV - Alexy Khrabrov's "By The Bay" programming tech talks, emphasis on functional and Scala.


Another neat (and currently obscure) one is CodeSync; the subject is Elixir and the Erlang BEAM.

tslmy 45 days ago [-]
If you understand Chinese, you may enjoy this stand-up comedy group at the Bay Area:


I myself sometimes participate their weekly open mic sessions.

alexmingoia 45 days ago [-]
akudha 45 days ago [-]
I feel sad when they chop off the main root and reduce what would be a majestic, huge tree to the size of a small bottle. Same feeling when breeders make super tiny dogs, just because they look cute (these dogs have tons of health issues).

Feels perverse to me

URfejk 44 days ago [-]
omosubi 45 days ago [-]
They must be advertising cause I watched a couple videos about reforestation and immediately i had heron's bonsai all over my recommendations
cbsks 45 days ago [-]
Jamie Mantzel is a guy living on an island off the grid in Central America. He’s a little kooky, but his videos are super interesting. He has lots of videos of his progress building solar powered boats and houses.

atesti 45 days ago [-]
If you dream of a live of not coding or have children interessted in excavating: Andrew Camarata, who built his own container castle and has a great work attitude:
pyb 44 days ago [-]
Tim Hunkin started showing his "the secret life of components" :
macgyverismo 44 days ago [-]
Wesley Kagan - 83.5k subs - Car channel, but leaning heavy to building / prototyping

45 days ago [-]
mgliwka 45 days ago [-]
Making music with floppy drives, hard drives and flatbed scanners.

morjom 45 days ago [-]
cybert00th 45 days ago [-]
Inu 45 days ago [-]
superasn 45 days ago [-]
There is an app called Neverthink which has a section called random cool videos. I think you can find a lot of cool new channels via it.
brailsafe 45 days ago [-]
I've really been enjoying James Hoffman

Aamon Animations - (He's doing some freaky lovecrafty renditions of people like Jordan Peterson)

jcims 45 days ago [-]
Checking out Hoffman now, fantastic little episode on the history of espresso!
brailsafe 44 days ago [-]
Even if you don't have a strong interest in coffee, I just find his voice and presentation style quite relaxing
177tcca 45 days ago [-]
The guy hacking Teslas on YouTube is worthy, even if I didn't find it within the last month.
jcims 45 days ago [-]
Do you remember the name?
zomg 45 days ago [-]
I believe you are referring to "Rich Rebuilds".