jqpabc123 45 days ago [-]
It would trigger a mad scramble among religious cults to reconcile this with their self centered view of the universe.

But not to worry, being free of logical constraints means there is always some way to justify anything.

acomjean 45 days ago [-]
I Think it would depend on what the life is,

If its small (microbial) it would probably slow down the human exploration until they could figure out it wasn't harmful to us.

Although they'd be a huge push to figure out how it works (dna?)

gregjor 45 days ago [-]
Dr. Oz would promote Martian extract as a cure for obesity, aging, baldness, and eczema. Available at GNC next to acai products.
mateo411 45 days ago [-]
The David Bowie song Life on Mars would enjoy a nice resurgence.
altspace 45 days ago [-]
Not much different than finding a new civilization on earth