superbcarrot 45 days ago [-]
Speaking as someone from Europe - I would make the subject/major system much closer to the way it's done in American universities. Picking your subject before you even apply doesn't work nearly as well as the idea that you're going to university in the general sense and have some time to explore options. I admit that I could be biased because I personally would have benefited more from the American system.

This probably isn't what you're asking for but I wanted to highlight that even something simple like being able to pick your classes isn't an option in many places.

sloaken 45 days ago [-]
Logic and critical thinking.
buffaloo 45 days ago [-]
Something to compensate for the lack of practical experience an entire generation of children seem to have because they spent the last 18 years never looking up from their iPad or taking a single bit of initiative. Maybe 2 years mandatory military service required for college.