jgrahamc 46 days ago [-]
Can you connect to cloudflare.com? That's a more reliable indicator than other Internet services. I can't talk about who our clients are but a quick

    dig +short slack.com
shows Slack on an Amazon IP. Same thing for signal.org so I'm guessing this is an Amazon reachability problem in Norway.
thatwasunusual 46 days ago [-]
cloudflarestatus.com works just fine for me (also in Norway). According to that page:

* Users in Tokyo may experience disconnects, high latency, and other connectivity failures. Mar 5, 00:48 UTC

* The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented. Mar 5, 00:57 UTC

* A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results. Mar 5, 01:02 UTC

* We are continuing to monitor for any further issues. Mar 5, 06:51 UTC

exikyut 46 days ago [-]
I can reach cloudflarestatus.com from Australia. As of 8:54AM CET that page notes that "Oslo, Norway" is "operational". Sigh.
tiernano 46 days ago [-]
Could it be your isp has a peering issue with cloud flare? Can you try a different isp (mobile phone proiver?) and see if it's still down?
phillipseamore 46 days ago [-]
Likely something else, cloudflarestatus.com isn't hosted by CF and doesn't use their authorative DNS servers (for obvious reasons).
cyberlab 45 days ago [-]
This is why it's dangerous to have centralized chokepoints on the web. A true resilient Internet would have no single point of failure, yet here we are.