MetaDark 46 days ago [-]
It looks like it won't be so simple for Steam. I just found out a couple of days ago that Steam only uses CEF to render the main content, and it actually looks like it's using GTK2 to render the window.


rathboma 48 days ago [-]
This is great news!

One of the worst things about wayland and electron has been super fuzzy apps if you use fractional scaling, because it didn't scale them correctly.

Excited to test Electron 12 for Beekeeper Studio.

vcxy 48 days ago [-]
Is this also a step towards easier screen sharing? The only reason I'm not on wayland is I occasionally need to screen share on Skype, zoom, and bluejeans.
vially 48 days ago [-]
I don't use any of those apps so I'm not familiar with their underlying technology but it looks like they are all Electron apps.

If that's the case, then yes, screen-sharing should be much easier once they migrate to Electron 12 since they will become native Wayland apps and will be able to use the Wayland protocols for screen-sharing.

ninetax 48 days ago [-]
And slack too (if it's written in Electron..)

Can't wait for a snappier slack experience.. that lag kills me.

rathboma 48 days ago [-]
Probably won't affect that unfortunately, I think that's slack itself blocking on api calls