Terretta 49 days ago [-]
Big business style CTO or Silicon Valley style CTO?

Startup or enterprise? Technology play or product play? Consumer or commercial? Front end or platform or infrastructure?

Regardless, you need a framework for thinking about technology and the jobs to be done, no matter which dimension you’re interested in.

This is the ticket:

    Technology Strategy Patterns
    by Eben Hewitt
    October 2018
Technologists who want their ideas heard, understood, and funded are often told to speak the language of business—without really knowing what that is. This book’s toolkit provides architects, product managers, technology managers, and executives with a shared language—in the form of repeatable, practical patterns and templates—to produce great technology strategies.

Author Eben Hewitt developed 39 patterns over the course of a decade in his work as CTO, CIO, and chief architect for several global tech companies. With these proven tools, you can define, create, elaborate, refine, and communicate your architecture goals, plans, and approach in a way that executives can readily understand, approve, and execute.



With that in mind, you can then absorb any other book recommendations that may come from this thread, with a solid context and framing in which to map and understand them.

bwh2 49 days ago [-]
I have a collection of books for CTOs on my website that you might enjoy: https://www.briansnotes.io/audience/cto/

The Manager's Path is another I highly recommend. That book provides the most detail I've seen about the career path to CTO and changing expectations along the way.

epc 49 days ago [-]
This was just posted recently: https://github.com/kuchin/awesome-cto
hbcondo714 48 days ago [-]
Yes, discussed here 3 days ago:


Jugurtha 47 days ago [-]
Not a book, but here's a lengthy reply[0] to a thread that contains links to other replies to similar threads. You may skip the first part and go directly to the links at the bottom, as the first paragraphs addressed what lead to the learning and taking over without a transition period. The links are more for technical roles across the spectrum (individual contributor -- CXO). They explain how to leverage time, gain skills, align with a team, communicate with stakeholders at different technical depths and abstraction levels, institutionalize knowledge, build product, etc.

- [0]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26182988

poushkar 42 days ago [-]
I think a lot of books from this list are applicable: https://techleadcompass.com (shameless plug).
qnsi 49 days ago [-]

and there was another thread about resources for CTOs but cant find it

cpach 48 days ago [-]
KingOfCoders 49 days ago [-]
"The Art of Action: How Leaders Close the Gaps between Plans, Actions and Results"
zn44 48 days ago [-]
Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt
cecja 48 days ago [-]
John Gall - Systemantics
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