lostintangent 43 days ago [-]
Very cool! I maintain a VS Code extension that allows creating, editing and commenting on gists, directly within the editor: https://aka.ms/gistpad. I’d be interested to explore an integration here, since it would be cool to author gists in your existing dev tool, and then share/publish them to gist.cafe.

I also maintain a VS Code extension for building CodePen-like playgrounds, which can either be stored locally, or in gists: https://aka.codeswing. So it feels like there’s some pretty cool opportunities to work together :)

mythz 43 days ago [-]
Happy to collab on something like this! Can reach/DM @demisbellot on twitter.
cashewchoo 43 days ago [-]
Barely-related, but I love the .cafe TLD, I own two of them myself. I know the new TLDs were kinda an unpopular move but honestly some of them do lend a certain connotation to your website/product, since your domain is frequently a key part of your brand. .cafe, I think, makes your product feel casual, approachable, semi-social (it's like one step louder than a library), and trendy. Since, yknow, coffee is always trendy.
mythz 43 days ago [-]
Love it too! Super sweet + short cool sounding domains FTW! I've also recently was able to nab apps.cafe - just need to do something with it :)
crazypython 43 days ago [-]
See also: Website that runs code in arbitrary programming languages https://tio.run/
petterrasmussen 43 days ago [-]
And another one, in Rust: https://github.com/glotcode/docker-run
Mobleysoft 43 days ago [-]
Nice work. Tabbed for further analysis. Where is the Gist code running, say for a console app? Could I use this to securely demo new concepts to long term clients using their privileged data without their in-house IT people raising valid infosec concerns? If so, I could see this being very useful. Is this the early stages of a new ServiceStack offering, or more of an interest driver? Certainly motivated me to click through to learn more about ServiceStack's products. Also tabbed for further analysis.
mythz 43 days ago [-]
> Where is the Gist code running, say for a console app?

In a Docker Container under a restricted user.

> Could I use this to securely demo new concepts to long term clients using their privileged data without their in-house IT people raising valid infosec concerns?

Yep! you can download the same Docker Container gist.cafe uses to run a local instance: https://gist.cafe/#local

The code is running in a Docker container under a restricted user which their in-house IT can further isolate by running the local container instance in an isolated server.

> Is this the early stages of a new ServiceStack offering, or more of an interest driver?

Nope something created for fun which we needed to create to host Live examples in our own docs ourselves, which IMO others needing to do something similar would find useful. I basically had to do a rewrite of https://github.com/ServiceStack/Gistlyn which did something similar but was tied to .NET Framework and used App Domains which aren't available in the x-plat .NET 5.0 so as part of the redesign & rewrite to use separate processes it was easy to extend to add support for multiple other languages.

> Certainly motivated me to click through to learn more about ServiceStack's products


43 days ago [-]
jp1016 43 days ago [-]
Cool, I have created codekeep to organize and store snippets like gist. its like google keep but for code snippets. , you can tag snippets with labels and organize snippets into folders. running gists is a great idea
TriNetra 43 days ago [-]
@mythz nice work!

BTW, I've been working on building a security framework for .NET web apps (site not yet launched so not linking here) – it comes with several enterprise-grade security mechanisms (like automatic record/property-level permit checks for request data, entity suspension etc.).

We're fully supporting ServiceStack (both .NET Core and Framework).

Would you be open for some sort of collaboration?

mythz 42 days ago [-]
Can you send more info about your FX + the collab you have in mind to [email protected]
TriNetra 42 days ago [-]
Will do, thanks!
sitkack 43 days ago [-]
For those that are confused, this is a serverless type of pastebin where it creates an endpoint that executes the program like a cgi script.
mythz 43 days ago [-]
Where the pastebin is your own GitHub Gist (https://gist.github.com), which you can view or host from https://gist.cafe/<gist-id>
d--b 43 days ago [-]
I have spent at least 3 minutes on that website. I still have no idea what this is about...
giancarlostoro 43 days ago [-]
If you don't know what gists are from the get-go then that's where I'd start. Gists are a separate feature of GitHub where you can share code like if it's pastebin or other similar services, but tied to your GitHub account. This enables you to execute code from gists, which can be written in dozens of languages.
mythz 43 days ago [-]
This! and GitHub lets you basically create your own gists of anything at https://gist.github.com
giancarlostoro 43 days ago [-]
I use gist personally from time to time to document things I've had to do, though I wish I did it more often. I keep discovering undocumented ways to resolve software problems.
erikig 43 days ago [-]
Here's a list of all the new fun ways HNers are using Gist ~ https://news.ycombinator.com/from?site=gist.github.com
gitowiec 43 days ago [-]
I also didn't get what it does, just reading the homepage content and viewing the examples. And I know what Github gists are (I suppose, are the just text files?)
mythz 43 days ago [-]
It does things with GitHub gists, i.e:

  - Upload directory snapshots
  - Publish & host static websites on a CDN
  - Create code tutorials
  - Create & Execute Apps in any of the supported languages
And view it from https://gist.cafe/<gist-id> and anyone you share it with can click on the "Edit" icon to download & open it locally in VS Code or their file manager.
zaroth 43 days ago [-]
It runs small blocks of various types of code on a remote server and let’s you render/embed the results on your page.

The demo would probably work better if not for;

  exit code 134
  Unhandled exception.
  System.Net.WebException: The remote server
  returned an error: (403) rate limit exceeded.
mythz 43 days ago [-]
It's because the server has exceeded its GitHub API quota, have to wait for next hour to be allotted a new Quota.
astrea 43 days ago [-]
sounds exploitable
tmpxgdqrcKFuG 43 days ago [-]
It's like jsfiddle for multiple languages.
christophergs 43 days ago [-]
We will be enabling related sandboxed code execution functionality in online courses with https://coursemaker.org

An integration with gists and gist.cafe might be something to consider.

mythz 43 days ago [-]
Unfortunately it's now exceeded the GitHub API quota so Apps are going to start failing to execute until next hour when the servers IP is given a new API quota.
zaroth 43 days ago [-]
Might be good to change the landing page to require a click before executing the code.

Would probably cut down on executions by 90%.

mythz 43 days ago [-]
It does that, it loads the last cached result - need to press 'rerun' to execute it again.
zaroth 43 days ago [-]
Nice hack! Congrats on the hug of death.
artpar 43 days ago [-]
Very neat.
asah 43 days ago [-]

anybody know something similar that doesn't require .NET ? No offense, just not part of that ecosystem (yet).

mythz 43 days ago [-]
The x dotnet tool [1] is just used for publishing (+ downloading) your directory to a gist (and does things like handling binary files + directories + ignores build folders, etc), but you can manually create the Gist yourself from https://gist.github.com + all the language examples are gists you can access from https://gist.github.com/<gist-id>

But .NET 5 is also a quick & non-invasive install on macOS / Linux / Win https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/5.0

[1] https://docs.servicestack.net/dotnet-tool

43 days ago [-]
withinboredom 43 days ago [-]
mythz 43 days ago [-]
+1 on TODO List, check back in a week :)
joelbluminator 43 days ago [-]
cbm-vic-20 43 days ago [-]
Just needs Rust added to that last to make the ultimate HN headline.
gscho 43 days ago [-]
Or Gist.cafe needs to be at least written in rust and advertise that as a feature.
mythz 43 days ago [-]
Good idea, I'll put it on the TODO List :)